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Training and certification

Professional training that supplements competencies and prepares for the certification system based on the PRiSM™ methodology and the P5 Standard.


GPM Global has created a training and a three-level certification system to educate professional staff ready to achieve better results sustainably. During the training, participants gain the knowledge and competencies necessary to implement even the most complex projects. Graduates become Change Leaders, for whom success is synonymous with the good of all people building up the company, the entire community, and the natural environment.


Accredited Training Organizations GPM EMEA offers two types of training:
  • PRiSM™ Foundations Workshops – this training program is aimed at people who have previously obtained a diploma or certificate in the field of project management and who want to learn about the concept of Green Project Management and its tools. Participants will learn the techniques and methods of project management and about sustainable development principles based on the PRiSM™ methodology and Standard P5. During the workshops, the following topics are discussed: system thinking, organizational ability to change, benefits of business justification and value management, organizational structures and roles, risk management, and stakeholder engagement.
  • PRiSM™ Practitioner Workshops – the training aims to use traditional methods, such as those described in ISO 21500. The program is designed to deepen the understanding and improve participants’ competencies in project management, taking into account social and environmental needs. The training scope has been extended, among others, of issues related to information management and reporting, leadership, conflicts, and negotiations. The course prepares participants to pass the GPM-b™ certification exam.



Benefits from participation in training in the field of Green Project Management:
  • Gaining practical knowledge and competence in techniques and methods of project management and the principles of sustainable development.
  • Ability to change the perception of the project, organization, and ways of managing them.
  • A new view and approach to introducing changes in the organization.
  • Becoming aware of the opportunities and benefits of using the PRiSM™ methodology and the P5 Standard.


The three-level GPM certification system was launched in 2013. It was developed following ISO 17024, which is an international standard for individuals examining individuals. So far, over 16,000 Green Project Management certifications have been carried out in the world.


Together with Accredited Training Partners, GPM EMEA certifies The Green Project Manager – Basic (GPM-b™).


Click here for detailed information on GPM-b™ certification.