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GPM EMEA is a part of the global organization GPM Global actively promoting a sustainable approach in project management. One of the goals of the GPM is to share knowledge on how to implement projects in a sustainable manner. For that purpose, the first and currently the only one in the world the PRiSM™ methodology and P5 Standard have been created. GPM EMEA aims to enable the exchange of experience between managers, specialists and other enthusiasts with sustainable project management. GPM EMEA supports also organizations and people in acquiring knowledge and helps to unify standards in the organization in the field of sustainable project management.

Our course focuses on how to teach about sustainable project management, what are the main challenges during training and preparation for certification, what to pay attention to, how to carry out exercises.

Full participation in the TTT course includes self-preparation based on the online course and full two days of participation in the online training. Upon completion of the training, participants are also prepared to take the GPM-b™ exam.

Due to the intensive development of the Accredited Training Partner (ATP) system, we have pleasure to invite you to participate in the specialized Train The Trainer training. Online training cost is 1200 euro. 


Check what you will gain by participating in the Train the Trainer training.

Get knowledge

regarding Sustainable Development and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and correlations between them.

Verify competences

necessary to conduct trainings in Sustainable Project Management according to PRiSM™ methodology.

Learn different perspectives

presenting sustainable management.

Introduction to P5 Standard

the core of sustainable project management.

Get competences

necessary to conduct courses preparing to GPM - b™ certification.

Differentiate yourself

as being on the leading edge of current Best Practices and worldwide commitment to Sustainability.


Day 1 - Self preperation
Based on the Sustainable Project Management for Certified Practitioners online course

Day 2
8:30-10:00 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
Introduction to GPM EMEA and cooperation with ATPs. About GPM. Challenges of sustainable project management. Principles for Sustainable Project Management. Sustainability Integration and Drivers. Norms.CSR.

10:00-10:45 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
Sustainable development
Humankind influence on Earth 3BL. 4BL. Cradle to cradle. Blue economy. UN Global Compact. ESG, GRI reporting. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

10:45-11:00 (UTC+02:00)
Coffee break

11:00-13:10 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
Project and project managemnet definition. Projects in organizations. Introduction to project life cycle. PRiSM™ life cycle.

13:10-13:25 (UTC+02:00)
Coffee break

13:25-15:00 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
PRiSM™ life cycle
PRiSM™ products, processes. Project charter.

Day 3
8:30-10:30 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
Business Case
Introduction. Finance, other issues. Business analysis.

10:30-10:45 (UTC+02:00)
Coffee break

10:45-12:40 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
P5 Analysis
P5 ontology. Steps of analysis. Practice: people aspects with scoring. Practice: environmental aspects with scoring.

12:40-12:55 (UTC+02:00)
Coffee break

12:55-14:00 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
SMP (Sustainable Managament Plan)
Planning in cycle, management process. Content of a plan and PM’s role. Example KPIs, exclusions.

14:00-15:00 (UTC+02:00)
GPM EMEA Trainers
Exam preparation
Exam introduction and preparation.

GPM EMEA Trainers


Train the Trainer in English

Set individually
  • Set individually
  • 24h
  • GPM EMEA Sp. z o.o.
  • PDU: 24 | JAP: 24
  • Certified Training

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