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About GPM

Green Project Management is an integrated approach to project management that takes into account sustainable practices. Including them in the project’s strategy provides organizations with long-term development and success. Projects managed sustainably bring sound effects in the business dimension and positively impact environmental and social aspects.

Until recently, sustainable development has been considered a new trend. However, in the face of global social and environmental changes, it has become a requirement in the modern world. Since 2009, the international organization GPM Global has been providing the necessary methodologies and tools to support business activities, particularly in strategic and process changes. It carries out its mission by creating international standards, training and certification, and professional assistance for companies, organizations, and governments.





GPM Global is the only international organization operating in the field of project management through:
  • PRiSM™ (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods) – internationally known comprehensive methodology of Sustainable Project Management.
  • P5 Standard – a complete tool created by GPM Global, enabling the analysis of the projects’ environmental, social, and economic impact and providing guidelines for implementing the PRiSM™ methodology in enterprises and organizations.
  • Active cooperation with international organizations to promote a sustainable approach – GPM co-created and signed the UN Global Compact (UNGC).


Based on the PRiSM™ methodology and the P5 Standard, a training and certification system has been developed:
  • Genuine training courses preparing for the effective integration of sustainable management with project implementation methods based on ISO 21500, Agile, and PRINCE2®.
  • Three-level certification of individuals confirming competencies and knowledge in the field of sustainable development and project management.


GPM Global is the market leader contributing to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • Actively supports companies, organizations, and governments in project management and sustainable development by providing professional training and consulting services.
  • Every year, the organization recognizes and presents global achievements and the impact of people and projects on progress in sustainable development.


As a promoter for sustainable development, the organization has prepared the publication “Sustainable Project Management: The GPM Reference Guide”.
  • The handbook is a set of principles of sustainable development and a starting point for understanding why sustainable project management is essential for modern organizations.
  • It includes instructions and guidelines on how to incorporate and implement sustainable project management principles into enterprises and institutions’ strategies.
  • The handbook has already been translated into several languages and is available on the GPM website.




We are part of the global organization GPM Global, actively promoting a sustainable approach in project management. We co-create the international Green Project Management initiative, providing access to training and certifications for individuals who want to manage projects sustainably in EMEA area.


Our partners are companies and organizations from countries located in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Green Project Management training and certifications in EMEA are carried out by Authorized Training Partners (ATPs), represented by experienced project management experts. Each of the ATP trainers has knowledge and competencies in sustainable project management, confirmed by the GPM-b™ certificate or higher.

Does your company provide training or consulting services in the field of project management? Do you want to extend your offer with accredited Green Project Management workshops? We create a network of Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) in the EMEA area. We have prepared a genuine cooperation model for candidates, including professional training and preparation for the GPM-b™ certification exam and a package of training materials. Interested universities or companies, please contact us.