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GPM-s™ | Requirements

Certified Green Project Manager — Specialist

Green Project Manager – Specialist (GPM-s™) is an expert-level international certification that confirms a project manager’s ability to manage projects in a way that maximises sustainability within the project lifecycle, improving the design and delivery of goods and services and accurately considering environmental, social, ethical and economic impacts.

The GPM-s™ credential is the first project management certification for individuals demonstrating competence (knowledge, skills and ability) in managing projects using sustainable methods.

The GPM-s™ certificate is issued to individuals who have met specific performance standards that include technical competence in sustainability and project management.

Who should apply?

Project managers, program managers, project directors and program directors who wish to obtain an internationally recognized certification to confirm their achievements in managing sustainable projects.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no education or certification prerequisites for the GPM-s™.

Is there Recognition of Prior Learning for the GPM- s™?

A current IPMA Level A® or IPMA Level B® certification can be substituted for the experience requirement below.

What are the assessment requirements?

  • With a bachelor’s degree: four years (6,000 hours) of work as a project or program manager, manager or director in the last twelve years.
  • Without a bachelor’s degree: five years (7,500 hours) of work as a project or program manager, manager or director in the last twelve years.

What is the assessment process?

  1. Applicants must submit a written Case Study for a project scoring at least thirty-five (35) points using the GPM Management Complexity Ratings sheet. The Case Study must also meet the other requirements of the GPM Case Study Guidelines.
  2. There is neither a written nor an oral exam for GPM-s™ case study.
  3. The submission will be reviewed by two certified GPM-s™ assessors. Assessors may schedule a video interview if they have questions or require additional evidence to make a decision.
  4. If certification is granted, it will be valid for five (5) years.

What is the cost for the GPM-s?

The cost of applying for GPM-s™ certification is USD 499 for GPM Ambassadors and USD 699 for non-Ambassadors.

The GPM Certification Board, the governing body for this credential, conforms to the ISO 17024 standard. For more information, email us at