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Agreement on cooperation with the SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Agreement on cooperation with the SGH Warsaw School of Economics

We are pleased to announce that on the 2nd of March 2021, GPM Global, GPM EMEA, and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics signed a cooperation agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to use the experience and scientific achievements of SGH and the potential and position of GPM for joint activities aimed at the development of sustainable project management by linking science with practice. 

Establishing cooperation with SGH is one of the first initiatives taken by GPM EMEA launched this year. We actively work for a sustainable approach to project management in countries located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


What are we going to do together?


As part of the agreement, we agreed that sustainable project management, including the P5 standard created by GPM Global and the PRiSM ™ methodology, will be included in postgraduate studies in project management SGH. We will also promote them in the form of diploma theses and scientific and research projects.


GPM Global, GPM EMEA, and SGH will also implement joint research, development, and consulting projects to promote and use sustainable project management based on the P5 standard and the PRiSM ™ methodology. The cooperation will be implemented in Poland and abroad, particularly in the area GPM EMEA operation, i.e., in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, including publications and cooperation with research and scientific centers. The activities undertaken are to serve the development of sustainable project management, including standards, tools, and methodologies.


Why do we cooperate with universities?


GPM EMEA strives to provide individuals with access to training and the international Green Project Management certification system. For this purpose, it creates a network of partners, Authorized Training Organizations that will educate professionals. However, we want the concept of sustainable project management developed by GPM Global to be also available as part of universities’ education. Both as part of a postgraduate program, but above all as part of full-time and part-time studies.


Future managers who are just starting their careers must be aware of the importance of sustainable management. They should learn about the standard available and the tools they can use in their future work. Such an approach will enable disseminating the idea of conscious and sustainable project management and its implementation in various organizations through educated professionals.


At the same time, cooperation with experienced scientists and employees of universities, such as the Warsaw School of Economics, will help optimize and improve the use of the P5 Standard and the PRiSM ™ methodology. It will be possible through the implementation of joint research, development, and consulting projects.