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Sustainable Project Management Analysis 2022

Sustainable Project Management Analysis 2022

The report ‘Insights into sustainable project management’ results from the third comprehensive study conducted by Green Project Management. It provides insights into sustainability and project management.

Since the last study in 2019, the global landscape has changed dramatically. We have seen increased awareness within the industry of the impacts associated with sustainability and their relevance to projects and project management. As a result, we have looked a little deeper into the qualitative aspects of this publication. In the report, you will find data on the importance of projects in meeting sustainability objectives, as well as the impact of climate change on ongoing projects.

What does this free report contain?

  • Breakdown of respondents: You will find out who participated in our survey and which sectors and positions were most represented.
  • Project-based responses to the climate crisis: We will look at the relationship between the climate crisis challenges and project management.
  • Pandemic adaptation: The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a test for both projects and their management. The report highlights the need for change in the face of the pandemic and draws attention to the inevitability of similar challenges in the future.
  • Sustainability as a minimum is not enough: You will see why sustainability is an absolute minimum, but also understand why it is not enough and what still needs to be done.
  • Impact of the P5 Standard on sustainability in project management: You will learn how the P5 Standard developed by Green Project Management influences sustainability in project management.
  • What we learned from project managers: You will find the survey results among project managers who shared their experiences and reflections on sustainable project management.
  • What we learned from executives: You will find out executives’ sustainability and sustainable project management perceptions.
  • P5 in action: Examples of the practical application of the P5 Standard.
  • Sustainable project of the year 2021, according to GPM: You will learn about the project that has been recognized as the most sustainable project of the year 2021 by Green Project Management.


We encourage you to read the full report, which is available in English on the Green Project Management Global website. This document is a source of knowledge and an inspiration for action. Find out how much can be achieved by combining project-based activities with sustainability. Read the report and be part of a future that relies on sustainable projects!


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