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Navigating Sustainability in Project Management: An Exclusive Interview with Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH

Navigating Sustainability in Project Management: An Exclusive Interview with Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH

With sustainability and eco-consciousness occupying a prominent role in today’s world, project management is experiencing a profound evolution. Our exclusive interview with Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner, Managing Director of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH in Munich, delves into this dynamic intersection between traditional project management and sustainability.

With over 30 years of experience, Tiba Managementberatung GmbH is a trusted partner for project-based leadership and project, program, and portfolio management. Notably, the organization’s recent decision to become an Accredited Training Partner of Green Project Management reflects a strategic commitment to sustainable project management. In this interview, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner discusses the driving forces behind this decision, the core values underpinning the Green Project Management model, plans for integrating Green Project Management training and certification, and the importance of sustainability in modern project management. This insightful conversation sheds light on how Tiba’s innovative approach is shaping the future of project management.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of merging eco-conscious practices with project management and discover how it paves the way for a more sustainable future in the field.


What does your organization do?


It all started with a passion for project management in 1989. With his vision of holistic project management, capturing the four success factors: ‘People & Mindset,’ ‘Organization & Culture,’ ‘Processes & Methods’ and ‘Technology & Tools,’ founder and owner Till H. Balser built an innovative and sustainable consulting business. Today, Tiba combines project management excellence with process, change and organizational management to facilitate successful transformation, mainly in the DACH region but also globally.

Tiba is driven by the spirit of empowering organizations through people. By helping individuals and teams to reach their full potential, we support organizations to become future-proof and build sustainable values.


Why did you become an Accredited Training Partner of Green Project Management?


Green Project Management is the only global organization linking project management and sustainability domains. Therefore, Tiba and Green Project Management make a perfect match. We strongly believe that we have entered a new era in two terms: Firstly, we observe that the importance of project management for entire societies is constantly growing, and secondly, sustainable aspects, not only in ecological terms but also in financial and social terms, are becoming crucial for a broad spectrum of stakeholders globally. And, of course, European regulations make the once “nice to have accessory” of sustainability a must-have criterion for most business entities.


What is important to you in the project management model developed and promoted by Green Project Management?


Generally, the Green Project Management model and Tiba’s consulting approach match very well, as both are rooted in a holistic and multi-faceted mindset. The Green Project Management model and Tiba’s approach emphasize looking at projects and organizations from a comprehensive and multi-dimensional perspective. This means considering various interconnected factors, relationships, and influences within the project’s ecosystem.

The Green Project Management model and Tiba’s consulting approach consider the broader context in which projects and organizations operate. This includes considering the impact on the environment (People, Planet) and social and economic aspects (Prosperity). The approach values project assessments that go beyond traditional financial measures. They consider the ‘new’ triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Prosperity, focusing on social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Both models challenge the conventional business mindset, which often focuses solely on unlimited growth within finite global resources. This expansion of thinking encourages a more sustainable approach that recognizes resource limitations.

The project management model developed by Green Project Management goes beyond the conventional magic triangle of project management (cost, time, scope) and expands the project manager’s responsibility to consider the satisfaction of diverse stakeholders. This implies that project success is measured by meeting budget and schedule targets and meeting the needs and expectations of various stakeholders involved.


What are your plans for introducing Green Project Management  training and certification to your offer?


Tiba’s market-entry strategy focuses on consulting and training and thus chooses a holistic approach. Tiba will develop a compelling value proposition for the Green Project Management training and certification.

Our open classes at Tiba Business School will also target a younger audience that already embraces sustainability as a core value. Tiba can leverage digital marketing channels, social media, and online communities where younger generations actively participate. Highlighting the relevance of Green Project Management’s comprehensive approach, which goes beyond just environmental sustainability (“Green”), can resonate well with this audience.

Tiba will emphasize the multi-dimensional aspect of Green Project Management and showcase its focus on the 17 UN Development Goals. These go beyond just environmental concerns and encompass social, economic, and ethical dimensions as well. Thus, Tiba will highlight how Green Project Management addresses the broader aspects of sustainability, which can appeal to organizations and individuals looking for a comprehensive approach to project management.

Offering customized training solutions tailored to different industries and organizational needs can increase the appeal of Green Project Management training and certification.


Why should service providers and consultants include sustainable project management based on the Green Project Management approach in their offerings?


Green Project Management stands out as a global player, offering a comprehensive and well-established methodology on sustainability in project management. By incorporating Green Project Management’s principles into their offerings, service providers and consultants can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and attract clients who prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

Furthermore, the legal landscape increasingly emphasizes sustainability and environmental regulations. Integrating Green Project Management’s sustainable project management approach into their services ensures that service providers and consultants comply with evolving laws and regulations related to environmental protection and social responsibility.

Embracing sustainable project management practices can enhance the reputation of socially responsible and forward-thinking organizations. This positive branding can attract clients who value sustainability and want to work with like-minded partners.

Taking a holistic view of projects and considering long-term sustainability goals helps ensure projects’ future viability and success. By promoting this future-oriented perspective, service providers and consultants can position themselves as strategic partners dedicated to creating lasting positive impacts.

Sustainable project management often involves identifying innovative solutions that reduce waste, conserve resources, and lower costs in the long run. Integrating these practices offers cost-effective solutions while contributing to environmental and social betterment.

The Green Project Management approach emphasizes that every action taken within a project has an impact, not just on the project’s success but also on broader social and environmental aspects. This awareness fosters responsible decision-making and a sense of accountability among project managers.

Embracing sustainable project management challenges, the traditional business mindset that focuses solely on unlimited growth without considering finite global resources. Service providers and consultants can lead by example, encouraging clients to adopt more sustainable and ethical practices.


Why do you think it is worthwhile to become Green Project Management certified?


During the training and preparation for the Green PM certification, new perspectives open and enable participants to see a positive contribution to sustainability and environmental impact in their projects. It is a worthwhile investment in one’s professional development and helps to promote environmentally conscious project management.

Through interactive exercises, case studies, and group discussions, participants are actively engaged in Green Project Management. This practically promotes understanding and enables the exchange of ideas and experiences with other participants. This helps internalize the learnings better and trains the soft skills through the participants from different countries and areas.

New aspects of project management are highlighted, helping to address increasing challenges better and find solutions that might otherwise have been overlooked.

With the Certificate in Green Project Management, graduates can officially demonstrate their skills and knowledge in sustainability and environmental compatibility. This not only strengthens their individual professional profile but also enables them to promote sustainability in various projects and organizations actively. They become valuable multipliers who promote awareness of sustainability and environmental protection and advance the integration of green practices in different work environments.

The degree provides access to an engaged community of practice that promotes professional dialogue and knowledge sharing and enables them to keep up to date with the latest developments in Green PM and build collaborations.


About Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner:

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner is the Managing Director of Tiba Managementberatung GmbH, located in Munich. With over 30 years of experience in project-based leadership, project, program, and portfolio management, he has made significant contributions to project management.

Previously, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner served as the President of the International Project Management Association and as the Chairman of the Board of the German Project Management Association. His expertise extends to the introduction and optimization of project, program, and portfolio management solutions in medium-sized and large companies, as well as management and staff training and coaching.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner is renowned for establishing career paths and qualification programs, including developing corporate PM academies. He has also played a pivotal role in advancing international standards, such as ISO 21500 and 21503.

His educational background includes Electrical Engineering and Business Administration studies in Germany and the USA. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wagner holds several certifications, including Certified Project Director (IPMA Level A), Certified Project Management Strategy Consultant (IPMA PPMC), and Certified Change Management Practitioner (Prosci®).


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