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Sustainability: Altkom Akademia, a new GPM Accredited Training Partner

Sustainability: Altkom Akademia, a new GPM Accredited Training Partner

In 2021, Altkom Akademia partnered with GPM EMEA and introduced the PRiSM™ Practitioner Sustainable Project Management training course to its offerings. This step marked an important point in promoting awareness of implementing sustainable project management practices in line with the Green Project Management approach. The growing demand for projects that have a positive or neutral impact on the environment prompted Altkom to provide the market with comprehensive training in this area. The company recently became an Accredited Training Partner of GPM.

The following article quotes Maciej Hawrus (Product and Business Manager Altkom Akademia), Natalia Gozdowska (Business Development Director Altkom Akademia), and Ewa Bednarczyk (President GPM EMEA). We invite you to read.


New Altkom Akademia training courses in cooperation with GPM EMEA


This is the third year of fruitful cooperation between Altkom Akademia and GPM EMEA. Both organizations are successfully achieving their goals by educating more and more people who want to manage projects sustainably and plan to implement a sustainable project management system in their companies. In today’s world, the marketplace poses considerable challenges in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Countries are tightening regulations to negate negative environmental factors. The need for ESG reporting can be a challenge for many companies. GPM training courses aim to raise awareness of how to manage this area and are fully adapted to the world’s current needs and the economy.

Adding training supporting ESG to our offering was a natural step for us, given the growing importance of sustainability and social responsibility in business. Many countries are introducing increasingly stringent sustainability and reporting regulations, making increasing competence in this area and the ability to effectively implement ESG strategies essential to ensure compliance and avoid sanctions – Maciej Hawrus (Altkom Akademia)

Interestingly, investors increasingly expect companies to be profitable and behave responsibly towards the environment, society, and corporate ethics. This is also an important factor for consumers when choosing products or services. Implementing an ESG strategy has become essential for companies seeking to grow steadily and, at the same time, gain a competitive advantage in the market. Training and certified knowledge and skills can help organizations understand and appropriately manage ESG issues in their project portfolio and identify and respond to risks related to climate change, human rights, corporate governance, and other aspects that can affect business sustainability and stability.

What is still worth noting is the contemporary requirement to possess specific competencies in a professional environment. An employee who is equipped with the skills to quickly identify and manage risks and areas for improvement, taking sustainability into account, is valued in almost any organization. Therefore, investing in Green Project Management training helps you adapt to new challenges, and GPM-b™ certification validates the knowledge gained.


GPM EMEA about Altkom Akademia


The collaboration between GPM EMEA and Altkom Akademia is a development and promotional opportunity for both organizations. Promoting the principles of aligned development and responsible project management is important to both organisations, and these shared values are central to their collaboration. Each is committed to effectively adapting certification training programs to meet the market’s and customers’ growing demands. 

Altkom has an established position in the training and business market, which allows them to reach a broad audience. As Ewa Bednarczyk – President of GPM EMEA – emphasizes:

Working with Altkom Akademia is also an opportunity to expand our market presence geographically and by sector. Their local presence and knowledge of regional (EMEA area) and industry specifics can be valuable support in our efforts to promote sustainable project management – Ewa Bednarczyk (GPM EMEA)


Green Project Management approach and training offer


The uniqueness of the Green Project Management approach is that it does not treat sustainability as an optional area or constraint but as an integral part of the project management process, from planning activities to implementing and delivering defined objectives. GPM creates new value for business, society, and the environment. Executives and project managers can assess a project’s impact on the so-called triple bottom line: economy, society, and environment, every time. According to the P5 standard, impact assessment is carried out at all stages of a project’s life cycle, including its long-term effects. What distinguishes this approach is the need for a broader and longer-term view of the project. This enables companies to improve resource management, reduce waste and emissions, innovate, and build responsible relationships with wider stakeholders.

Altkom Academy offers customer support at every stage of the workshop. Thanks to the high-quality training, companies preparing for GPM-b™ certification with Altkom can effectively implement proven practices into their organizations.


Benefits of training and GPM-b™ certification


Preparing for GPM-b™ certification enables trainees to gain several valuable skills. The benefits of participating in the training translate into a significant increase in competencies now valued in the marketplace. Each person actively participating in the class has the opportunity to fully understand the principles of sustainable development and learn how to implement them in the company’s project management processes. It should be noted that the concept of Green Project Management impacts the value of a project to make it profitable and compliant with social and environmental standards.

In addition to the aforementioned training values, participants can expect:

  • Access to tools and techniques for project evaluation. This makes it possible to measure environmental and social impacts in the short and long term.
  • To be prepared to identify, analyze, and manage the risks associatedwith a project’s environmental, social, and management aspects.
  • Gain knowledge of KPIsto identify and measure all sustainability-related aspects. With the reports developed, the company can control and observe the environmental and social impact of the project.
  • Brainstorming to encourage the search for innovative solutionsin the context of achieving project objectives, taking into account the minimization of negative impacts on the environment

The certificate obtained after passing an exam is a fully measurable value. It confirms the qualifications you have acquired, which you can include in your CV. It will undoubtedly be recognized in the business community. GPM-b™ certified professionals can contribute more effectively to the organization’s goals by implementing sustainable practices that support cost savings, enhance reputation, and increase innovation.


The future of Altkom Akademia and GPM EMEA


Successive years of partnership between Altkom Akademia and GPM EMEA have brought increasingly noticeable results for both organizations and their clients. Since the start of the cooperation, the Partners have been constantly improving their offer, adapting to their customers’ growing expectations. This is not limited to the provision of training services. Both entities are actively involved in creating innovative solutions that allow clients to acquire knowledge faster and implement sustainable practices effectively.

Altkom Akademia plans to conduct interviews in the form of webinars in the future to make potential participants aware of the training topics. This will provide them with information on applying the knowledge they have acquired in a professional environment. In order to reach a wide audience, Altkom has also introduced the GPM EMEA e-learning course to its offer. This form of class allows learning anywhere in the world and at any time.

We have been working with GPM for several years now, and the training market in this area is growing. So, the decision to cooperate as an Accredited Training Partner was a natural consequence for us. We also look forward to even more effective collaboration – recalls Natalia Gozdowska (Altkom Akademia)




A sustainable approach to project management according to GPM principles is becoming an integral part of the business strategies of organisations around the world. The development of competencies in this area increasingly influences the building of lasting relationships with clients and the creation of a positive corporate image through the creation of unique values that have a significant impact on the surrounding world. Altkom Akademia has joined GPM Accredited Training Partners, which confirms the close cooperation with GPM EMEA and the company’s high-quality training in sustainable project management. This allows participants to validate their skills in the international market.